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  • Special profile impeller to attain the best combination of high performance, enhanced pressure and low noise.
  • Fans equipped with double-speed single phase motor on ball bearings with low energy demand.
  • Motor equipped with built in thermal overload protection and maintenance-free ball bearings for 40 000 hrs non-stop operation.
  • Direct drive with single phase IP-44 external rotor motor
  • Casing made of polymer-coated steel.
  • Inner casing internally filled with 50 mm mineral wool thermal- and sound-insulating layer
  • Special inner perforation of the casing and sound-insulating material are designed for wide-frequency sound absorbing. The inner casing perforation let sound waves pass through the holes and fall at a specific angle to the sound-absorbing layer.
  • Unique casing design where special clamps with latches permits easy dismantling of the impeller and motor block without dismantling the air duct. This makes the fan maintenance fast and easy.
  • Available duct dimensions: 100 – 315 mm

  • Air flow from 50 cfm up to 1150 cfm

Areas of Application

Best Solution for Supply and extract ventilation systems installed in various premises with high requirements to the noise level like libraries, conference halls, educational institutions, kindergartens, home theatres , hotel bathrooms , residential premises, flats, cottages, offices, shops, cafes, health care and child care facilities etc.

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