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  • Perfect solution for exhaust applications where limited space is available behind false ceiling.
  • No need of access door as fan maintenance done by removing front panel.
  • Casing made of durable ABS plastic and fitted with a gravity backdraft damper to prevent backdraft.
  • The front panel is made of snow white UV-resistant plastic
  • G4 purifying durable filter for preventing the motor, impeller and ductwork system against soiling.
  • Two-speed motor with a centrifugal forward curve impeller with low energy demand.
  • Ingress protection rating IP55.
  • Motor equipped with built in thermal overload protection and maintenance-free ball bearings for 40 000 hrs non-stop operation.


Areas of Application

Residential premises, Flats, Cottages, Offices, Utility spaces, Trade premises, Restaurants, Job sites, Health care facilities, Child care facilities

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